Retired Military Pay and Benefits In Divorce Proceedings

Like in any community, rumors and half-truths are common in the military.  An area where this is especially true is with the entitlement to retired pay and benefits as part of a divorce.  A practitioner with a divorce client from the military will likely face inaccurate assumptions from their clients when retirement pay is at issue.

Can Step-Parents Get Custody in Divorce?

For many people these days, filling the role as stepparent is not an uncommon occurrence when getting married.  Many children come to know a non-biological parent as “Mom” or “Dad” and form a strong bond with these individuals.   Unfortunately, divorce happens. Which raises the question: What rights regarding the children does a stepparent have when he or she divorces the biological parent?   In Nebraska, the stepparent does have rights to visitation and can ask for custody in the divorce proceeding, but in only certain circumstances will their rights to custody trump those of the biological parent.